Olde Towne

Halle Building Group

Cardinal Civil Contracting has contracted with long time partner Halle Building Group (HBG) on this formidable 200+ acre multi use site. The site includes single family, townhome, apartment and retail sites. Cardinal and HBG have partnered on many sites in the past but this is by far the most ambitious. Cardinal has been contracted to self-perform all site utility work (sanitary sewer, storm drain and waterline) as well as a curb, stone and asphalt work for all of the current projects on this enormous site. 

Original development on this site actually started prior to the 2009 housing crisis by another developer and was subsequently abandoned when the development in the area halted. HBG purchased the property and with the help of Cardinal’s intimate knowledge of site utility work, was able to help salvage a good portion of the site utilities that had previous been installed and not yet accepted by the city. The work being done on this entire site is a testament to both company’s ability to come up with ways to think outside of the box to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible with true team coordination and effort.